Alright now, here is our first real blog post…

This is just a strong personal opinion of mine, and I really believe this…

Just like every other parent, I want the best for my children – by the way – I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. And, I want them to be successful in life, but I notice that many people tend to equate “success” to academic success. Yes, to some extent, and many others have sports, music and/or arts as a specific concentration. All good, but essentially, a lot of children are lacking in the fundamentals.

And, this is going to be a recurring theme on this website – Returning to the Fundamentals.

Fundamentals such as social cues, relationships; knowing how to cook, clean, build; knowing how to save, invest, keep safe; and even how to drive or navigate.

These type of fundamentals can be learned through Toys and Pretend Play.

Which brings us to the topic of discussion, more related to our featured picture (the remote controlled car) – that is, to drive and/or navigate. By the way, when I was growing up, I really, really wanted a remote controlled Lamborghini, but we couldn’t afford it then – even now, although, I could afford it, it wasn’t necessary till I had to build this site (again, inspired by my children) – wow – how the world goes around.

Anyway, what I wanted to discuss here is… learning to navigate – driving a vehicle.

I’m not saying that you should get this specific remote controlled car, inorder to learn how to drive and navigate.

But, if you wanted one, click HERE to purchase it.

Nonetheless, any toy vehicle will do for what I am about to tell you – you can really use anything like a remote controlled boat, plane – even drones will all do fine.

Knowing how to drive and navigate is essential to this world (just to get from one place to another), you don’t want your children to be poor drivers and you don’t want your children to come into contact with other poor drivers. Sometimes, all it takes is a good driver to figure out a way to navigate and avoid the poor drivers – just to avoid a critical accident from happening.

Not convinced? At least, teach your kids to ride a bicycle.

I truly advocate all parents to teach their kids to ride a bicycle.

This may be anecdotal, but every person that I met who did not know how to ride a bicycle – turned out to be poor drivers.

And, I can understand why, because they may have a poor understanding of the spatial difference between the person (in the vehicle) and the objects around them (be it in front, on the sides or behind the vehicle). I grew up in a time where bike helmets, elbow pads and knee pads were not necessary (by law); and, I would ride my bike everywhere, through alleyways, around garbage cans and people, etc. Sometimes, even skimming objects, barely missing them as I whizzed past. But, I also knew the pain that would come from hitting an object and falling off the bike – many nicks, cuts and bruises – war scars – to prove it. And, it also taught me how to drive and/or navigate properly on the road. These spatial experiences that I learned as a child, continued and transformed into what I know now as an adult.

The lesson here is that you need to learn through baby steps – try with a toy first, before moving to the actual thing. I know, you can say… kids can learn with toys and actual cars later on in life – they need to learn to read, count and do math/science – first. Sometimes, being spatially equipped with experience is better learned when you are a child versus learning it as an adult.

Thanks for reading.

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