Contest Rules Update.

Hey Guys… sorry that this news is coming to you so late, but we have personally made these changes to reflect the traffic (or lack there of) to the YouTube channel and this blog site.

When we started this blog site and YouTube channel, we thought it would be an instant success, but it has been anything but that… I know… I know… may be we should not have had such high expectations….

The views on YouTube is not a true reflection of the participation level in the contests…

In lieu of the lack of participation in the contests – we will extend the deadlines of every contest so that there is enough time for people to watch and enter the contest. When and if the first person enters the contest, whether it could be the first day or 100,000th day after uploading the video, a week after the first contestant – that is when the contest closes.

Also, we do not want anyone to think that these contests are rigged, nor do we want people think that we are using some sort of favoritism towards a specific contestant or a group of contestants. Everyone deserves a fair chance, if you are winner of a contest – you will be exempt from the next 5 contests; even if you apply for the contest, we will not choose you in the next 5 contests. 

All other previous contest rules will continue to exist.

Now, it is important for us to state here, that these rules can revert back to the old rules once there is a respectable amount of participation sometime in the future.

Thank you for reading.

If you do not know and/or remember the contest rules, here is a recap:

We post new YouTube videos every Tuesday at 6pm EST and Thursday at 6pm EST, and we will showcase a toy that we will giveaway on each day. Somewhere, in that video, we will also reveal a password (twice), it is your job to come to this site – get to the contest form (found HERE) – Enter your name (first and last), email and the password, then click submit.


By watching our videos on YouTube Videos:
– We at are not liable for any viewer’s actions before and after watching these videos.
– Parents should supervise their children before and after watching any of our videos.             – Parents should have discussions of ethical behavior with their children before and/or after watching our videos.                                                                                                            – We do not condone and/or support any use of violence, although from time to time we may show some light violence on our YouTube Channel.

By entering in any of our Contests/Sweepstakes/Giveaways:
-We are not obligated to give a toy to every single person that enters the contest.
-At any time we can revoke the prize before the contest ends.
-We can promise the solid function of a toy before sending it out on transit to the winner of the prize, but once it is on transit, we do not know if the toy will get damaged or not, thus we are not responsible and/or liable for replacing a broken/damaged toy.

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