Hey guys.

I know that you are here for the giveaway, but lets go over the rules again:

Going any further than this (including participating in the contest/giveaway itself), you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions (see below for Terms and Conditions).

We post new YouTube videos every Tuesday at 6pm EST and Thursday at 6pm EST, and we will showcase a toy that we will giveaway on each day. Somewhere, in that video, we will also reveal a password (twice), it is your job to come to this site – get to the contest form (found HERE) – Enter your name (first and last), email and the password, then click submit.

The contest deadline has changed. Please click here for contest deadline.

With that said, please be respectful to others, give everyone a chance to win this prize – please do not enter the contest more than once.

Again, click HERE to enter contest.

If you haven’t seen our YouTube Video, check it out here:

If you want to buy/purchase the toys, please buy them using the links below:                       Flash – Click HERE                                                                                                            Batman – Click HERE
Superman – Click HERE
Aquaman – Click HERE
Mason – Click HERE

TERMS & CONDITIONS (see below)

By watching our videos on YouTube Videos:
– We at toyboxreviews.net are not liable for any viewer’s actions before and after watching these videos.
– Parents should supervise their children before and after watching any of our videos.             – Parents should have discussions of ethical behavior with their children before and/or after watching our videos.                                                                                                            – We do not condone and/or support any use of violence, although from time to time we may show some light violence on our YouTube Channel.

By entering in any of our Contests/Sweepstakes/Giveaways:
-We are not obligated to give a toy to every single person that enters the contest.
-At any time we can revoke the prize before the contest ends.
-We can promise the solid function of a toy before sending it out on transit to the winner of the prize, but once it is on transit, we do not know if the toy will get damaged or not, thus we are not responsible and/or liable for replacing a broken/damaged toy.

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