2 Week Hiatus!!!

Hey guys.

However small our fans are at present… thank you for being our fans…

Unfortunately, we were not able to uphold our promises to post YouTube videos last week (Tuesday and Thursday). And, if you are just joining us, and do not know what we are talking about – we made promises to post a video on YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday – and in those videos, we would showcase a Toy that we planned on giving away. Well, we did not hold to that promise all of last week…

Not to make any excuses, but we have been busy – work, family, etc.

Now, we do have videos – its sitting on our hard-drives, but it needs editing. We will get to it, but given our current predicament, that will take a while longer to get to – thus, please forgive us as we will have to take another week to deliver.

We plan on putting out new videos starting on February 12, 2019. Stay tuned!!!

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